IIS Console Access Problems on the MOSS 2007 Servers

Recently I came across a strange IIS console access problem on the WFE box while reviewing the one of the MOSS farms. I couldn’t access the IIS Manager either from the Start/Run/inetmgr or from the Administrative Tools. Along with IIS console access problem, I came across the series of errors – 6398, 6482, and 7076 in the application event logs.

If you are experiencing the problems like can’t access the IIS Manager from the server box or IIS manager is blank when you open the IIS management snap-in or encounter the errors with event ids – 6398, 6482, and 7076 gets thrown on the application event logs then reading further might resolve your problems.
As it turned out, this is known issue that you may be unable to manage IIS by using Server Manager, when both SharePoint timer service and Active Directory Service Interfaces (ADSI) Provider try to access the IIS at the same time and it’s been already blogged many times earlier on different SharePoint blogs.


You can temporarily resolve the problem by restarting the Windows SharePoint Timer Service from the services snap-in. It doesn’t require rebooting the server or IISReset. But, to resolve the problem permanently, you might want to look into Microsoft KB article 946517 to download the hot fix to resolve this problem.
Please note that it is IIS 6.0 hot fix on the MOSS servers, not a WSS or MOSS hot fix. Also, hot fix requires server restart and will require planned downtime if you are applying on the production SharePoint farm.
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