Verify the MOSS 2007 service packs, patches, cumulative updates Upgrade Installation

After you install a MOSS update, you can verify the installation by using one of the following techniques.

  1. View the upgrade log file.
  2. Check version numbers on MOSS and WSS DLLs on the file system and registry keys.
  3. View the WSS 3.0 version number on the Servers in Farm page on the SharePoint Central Administration Web site.
  4. Examine the SQL schema using SQL Query Analyzer.

Review the Upgrade Log Files
In Windows Explorer, change to the following directory: %COMMONPROGRAMFILES%\Microsoft Shared\Web server extensions\12\LOGS. Use a text editor to open the Upgrade.log file. Scroll to the date on which you installed the software update. Search, or visually scan, for the following entries:

  • Finished upgrading SPFarm Name=
  • In-place upgrade session finishes. Root object = SPFarm=, recursive = True. 0 errors and 0 warnings encountered.

Know the WSS and MOSS version number
The check out the WSS and MOSS version numbers, please check out the following blog entry.

Verify the MOSS and WSS DLL versions
Check the version information of the specific files in %COMMONPROGRAMFILES%\Microsoft Shared\Web server extensions\12\ISAPI.

Check the OWSSVR.DLL version number for the update that you installed against the WSS 3.0.

Check the Microsoft.SharePoint.portal.dll version number for the update that you installed against the Office SharePoint Server 2007.

Verify the SharePoint versions in the Registry Key

  • In Registry Editor, verify that the value is correct in the DisplayVersion key in the following location –
  • On the x32 Windows Sever 2003: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\OSERVER
  • On the x64 Windows Sever 2003: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\ Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\OSERVER
  • String “DisplayVersion” should contain the value as correct version number. It is important to remember that DisplayVersion shows only RTM or latest service pack number installed on the server.

Verify the SharePoint versions in the Central Administration Site

  • On the Central Administration home page, click Operations. Then, on the Operations page, in the Topology and Services section, click Servers in farm. On the Servers in Farm page, next to Version, check the version number of each server in the farm to verify that each one has been updated to the new binary version.
  • Please note that this page only displays the version number for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0.

Verify the SQL schema

  • Run the following SQL Server query on any SharePoint Products and Technologies database to check the version for the highest ID and GUID Version ID – 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000: SELECT * FROM Versions
  • The SQL Server schema is only upgraded after the SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard is run. Use this procedure to determine whether the SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard were run after the software update.

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