Third-Party Development Tools for the .NET application

Recently I had a previledge to architect ASP.NET web application and we leveraged many third-party tools to improve the code clarity and to apply the consistent coding conventions to manage development chaos. I would highly recommand these tools to any one looking to standardize their custom .NET development.

Internet Explorer Developer ToolBar – To debug the styles and Web UI.

ReSharper – Brilliant developer productivity tool. Clicking CTRL-E-F applies the realtime coding conventions. You can also customize or configure the options available according to organization coding standards.

Microsoft’s StyleCop – A syntax analyzer to help enforce consistent naming, code layout and XML commenting.

StyleCop for ReSharper – An extension to ReSharper that provides real-time code highlighting based upon StyleCop violations.

GhostDoc – Create the XML documentation stubs for you when you press CTRL-SHIFT-D.

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