How to hide “Revert to Template” Status on the SPD Customized Pages

I have been recently involved in the no-code customization of SharePoint 2010 using the SharePoint Designer 2010 mash-ups. One of the side effects of the customized wiki pages through the SharePoint Designer 2010 is yellow status bar with the message – “The current page has been customized from its template. Revert to Template”. Additionally this message contains a link to revert the customized page to the site definition on the browser.

We have noticed that even end-users with least privileges can click on the “Revert to Template” link and it would reset the page to the site definition. We have spent some time trying to hide the “Revert to Template” message gracefully for the SPD customized pages but couldn’t find the best option to disable the yellow status gracefully for the SPD customized pages. One option is to hide the status bar from the master page as shown later in this blog. Hiding status bar would suppress all other messages like “file being checked out by different user” or “file being edited by different user”. To hide the “Revert to Template” option, one can disable the status bar by customizing the v4.master (best practice is to create the custom master page by copying the v4.master page) by commenting out the following code.

<div id=”s4-statusbarcontainer”>
    <div id=”pageStatusBar”>

Our biggest concern here is to understand the motivation behind the showing “Revert to Template” option. Why Microsoft needs to show the option to the end user to allow them to revert back to the template and undone the developer changed customization? Also, does anyone knows, what “Revert to Template” does? It seems like sometimes “Revert to Template” keeps the customization and sometimes it clears the customizations.

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1 Response to How to hide “Revert to Template” Status on the SPD Customized Pages

  1. lvirden says:

    What kind of wiki page changes cause this? Surely not adding text, etc. to the page?

    And is there some way to see what customizations have been made, to tell if we want the customizations?

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