Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 Integation Error – Word experienced an error trying to open the file

Over the weekend, I was determined to build the SharePoint 2010 RTM VM. Since I had built the SharePoint 2010 Public Beta VM earlier, I was thinking this would go very quickly. Although SharePoint 2010 Pre-requisites has been changed, I was well prepared to install the pre-requisites and SharePoint 2010 RTM without any major hurdles. What I wasn’t prepared was the Office 2010 RTM Installation and its integration with the SharePoint 2010. This supposed to be no-brainer activity but once Office 2010 RTM is installed, even though I can view or create the Office 2010 documents using the Office client, I couldn’t open the documents uploaded on the SharePoint document libraries.

Whenever I try to open the Word 2010 or PowerPoint 2010 documents stored in the SharePoint document libraries, I get the following error.

If you ever get the error “Word experienced an error trying to open the file” or any other error messages while opening the word documents on the SharePoint 2010, it may be because your Office 2010 protected view is enabled. Protected View is a new security feature in Microsoft Office 2010. It removes support for legacy document formats and causes files deemed unsafe to be opened in read-only mode. When installing Office 2010 on the same machine as SharePoint Server 2010, you must disable the protected view to save files to the SharePoint Server and view the Office 2010 documents from the SharePoint 2010. Please remember that if you want to enable the readonly view of the Office documents like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or  OneNote on the SharePoint, you may enable similar feature using the Office Web Applications without disabling the protected view. 

Here are the high level steps to disable the Protected View of Office 2010 to be able to view on the SharePoint 2010. Please note that you have to repeat these steps on other office applications like Excel 2010 (if excel services are not enabled. Excel services displays excel files even with the protected mode) and PowerPoint 2010.

  • Run one of the Office 2010 applications (e.g. Word 2010).Click on File to go to Office Backstage view menu and select Options.
  • In the “Options” dialog, select Trust Center in the left pane. Click on Trust Center Settings in the right pane.

  • Select Protected View in the left pane of “Trust Center” dialog. Disable all of the protected view options except “Enable Data Execution Prevention Mode” as shown below


Hope this helps.

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