Enable the SharePoint 2010 Workflow Visualizations

Workflows represents business process and visualizing business process using flow charts are one of the first things everyone does when explaining the business processes to others. SharePoint workflows represents the business process and Workflow Visualizations are one of the most welcome features added in the SharePoint 2010 Workflows.

It is important to remember that workflow visualizations are powered by the SharePoint 2010 Visio Services available as an Enterprise CAL license. Contrary to many sources (including Sahil Malik’s SharePoint 2010 Book, Page 294), workflow visualizations don’t require Office Web Apps installed on the SharePoint farm.

To enable the workflow visualizations (or to troubleshoot why workflow visualizations doesn’t work), make sure following steps are already configured.

  • On the Manage Services on Server page in the Central Admin Site, verify that “Visio Graphics Services” is started.
  • On the Manage Web Applications in the Central Admin Site, verify that Visio Graphics Service is available as the Service Connections for the given web application hosting the site where workflow visualizations needs to be enabled.
  • On the Manage Farms feature page in the Central Admin Site, “Visio Web Access” feature is activated
  • On the Manage Site Collections Feature page hosting the site for the workflow visualizations “SharePoint Server Enterprise Site Collection features” feature is activated.
  • On the Manage Site Features page hosting the workflow visualizations, verify that “SharePoint Server Enterprise Site features” feature is activated.
  • Verify that Silverlight 3 or later is installed on the client browser.
  • From the workflow settings page in the SharePoint Designer, verify that “Show Workflow visualizations on Status Page” checkbox is selected.
  • Republish the SharePoint Designer workflow from the SPD

Once each of the above steps is properly configured, workflow visualizations should be visible on the workflow status page.

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