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All you need to know about the Access Services 2010

Access Services 2010 is the new feature to host the entire Access databases within SharePoint 2010. It is only available in the SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Edition. This article not only covers the New Features in the Access 2010 and overview of … Continue reading

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Restoring Site Collection on Same Web Application Requires Additional Content DB

If you have already restored the site collection (e.g. http://sp2010vm/) on the given web application and if you try to restore same site collection at the different path (e.g. http://sp2010vm/sites/projectinit) in the same web application and same content database, Restore-SPSite … Continue reading

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Delete Orphaned AD Users from the Site Collection

Recently I was working on the packaging up the site collection developed in my virtual machine and deploying to the client’s environment. In my virtual environment, I have created small sampling of client users in my active directory (e.g. Niks\tpatel) … Continue reading

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SharePoint Site Logo URL Limitations – Site Settings Page vs Web Part Pages

Have you ever tried to change the site logo for the SharePoint 2010 Team Site with lots of web part pages or have you ever tried to specify a Site URL tokens on the site logo URLs to easily migrate … Continue reading

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Delete Orphaned Workflow Status Columns from SharePoint List Views

Recently I been working on the SharePoint Designer Workflows associated with the site content type which used in the SharePoint list. During the development phase, as I have been republishing and reassociating multiple versions of workflow to the site content … Continue reading

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