Configure ECB Menu on Any Column on SharePoint 2010 List or Library using SharePoint Designer 2010

In MOSS 2007 or SharePoint 2010, every list and document library has a ECB menu associated with the Title column.

In SharePoint 2010, you can configure ECB menu and link to the view item page with any columns with little customizations using the SharePoint Desinger 2010. Try following steps to add the ECB column on additional columns in addition to Title column.

  • Open the SharePoint List or Document library and open the SharePoint View you want to add the ECB Menu on the additional column.
  • From the SharePoint Browser Interface, select the “Modify in SharePoint Designer (Advanced)” from the Ribbon Bar

  • This will open the SharePoint List View in the SPD for further modification. Highlight the field you want to add the ECB Menu and look out for the little floating icon with “>”. Click on this icon and it will open the small popup window with “Show List Item Menu” option.


  • Check on ‘Show List Item Menu” checkbox and save the page to configure the ECB menu on the additional column.

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