Creating Custom List Item Menu using SharePoint Designer 2010

Recently I have been spending lots of time building custom no-code SharePoint 2010 solutions using InfoPath 2010, SharePoint Designer 2010, and browser customizations. As I had been enjoying the SPD 2010, I been surprised by how easily many tricky tasks can be accomplished in no time. I must recommend every SharePoint Developers to master the SharePoint Designer 2010 to avoid many custom time-consuming coding tasks which wasn’t possible in the MOSS 2007 and SPD 2007.

One of those tasks is creating a new LIM (List Item Menu) on the SharePoint ECB (Edit Control Block) menu. ECBs are list items specific context menu which are available in list views and list view web parts. With SPD 2010, creating the new list item menu on the SharePoint list and library are never easier than before. To create the custom list item menu using the SharePoint Designer 2010, follow these steps.

  • Open the Site using the SharePoint Designer 2010
  • Select the Lists and Libraries from the Navigation and select the list where you would like to create the list action menu. e.g.Projects
  • From the Ribbon bar, select the Custom Actions Tab -> Cutom Action Button -> “List Item Menu” to create the custom list action item.

  • On the Create Custom Action window, specify the LIM name and LIM URL (Navigate to Form within List, Initiate the Workflow Associated with List, or Navigate to the Custom URL). Additionally you can also specify the button image, security mask, and sequence number as advanced configuration. 
    • Specify the URL in any of the following formats. I would suggest to use the URL formats with {SiteUrl} token to maintain the validity of the URLs during the import and export of the site collection.
      • /SitePages/Business Case Document.aspx?ItemId={ItemId}
      • /SitePages/Business Case Document.aspx?ItemURL={SiteUrl}/SitePages/Business Case Document.aspx&ItemId={ItemId}
      • ~site/SitePages/Business Case Document.aspx?ItemId={ItemId}
      • {SiteUrl}/SitePages/Business Case Document.aspx?ItemId={ItemId}
    • One limitation of this method is it doesn’t allow end-user to configure the Navigate to URL in the Popup or New browser window.

  • Click OK to create the Custom LIM action. SPD Lists settings page should show the newly created LIM menu.

  • Verify that new LIM is created on the Lists interface on the browser window.

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