SharePoint 2010 Service Applications Quick Reference

SharePoint 2010 Service Application infrastructure is beast. Because Microsoft has built SharePoint Service Application architecture as pluggable, many of the out of the box service applications has been built for different needs with different configurations. Some of the key service applications components like service accounts, backend database, whether it’s available in SharePoint foundation or server product, whether it’s multi-tenant enabled, whether it’s cross-farm enabled are key to understand and will take you long way while designing service applications architecture during initial/ongoing farm configuration.

Additional References

  • Microsoft Press – SharePoint 2010 Administrator’s Pocket Consultant Book, Chapter 2, Table 2-1
  • Wrox’s Professional SharePoint 2010 Administration Book, Chapter 7, Table 7-1
  • Technet Poster – Topologies for SharePoint Server 2010 –

I have put together a high level grid to map all the major components of service applications for quick reference. I would encourage you to take this reference table and map it to your specific farm infrastructure. Enjoy.

Service Application SKU Recommended Location of Server Stores Data? If Yes, Provide DB Name  Cross Farm Capable?Publish-able? Windows Service? Multi-Tenant Aware? Is IIS Web Application Associated?  Is IIS WCF Service Application Associated?Managed from Central Admin?
Access Service Enterprise Application Cache No No  No No Yes
Application Registry Service Foundation Application DB (Application Registry) No No Yes (only deployed using PowerShell or FCW)
Business Data Connectivity Service Foundation Application DB(BDC) Yes No Yes No Yes
Central Administration Foundation Application DB(SharePoint_AdminContent) N/A No N/A Web App, SharePoint Central Administration v4, Runs as Farm Admin account N/A
Claims to Windows Token Service Foundation Application No No C2WTS, Installed as part of WIF. Disabled by default. Enabled by this Service. Runs as the local system user. No No
Document Conversions Launcher Service Application No No
Document Conversions Load Balancer Service Application No No
Excel Service Enterprise Application Cache No No  No No Yes
Lotus Notes Connector Application (Index) No Yes (Search)
Managed Metadata Service Standard Application DB (Managed Metadata) Yes No  Yes No Yes
Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Incoming Email Foundation Web or Application No No
Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Subscriptions Settings Service Foundation Web or Application DB (Subscription Settings) No Yes (PowerShell Only) No Yes (only deployed using PowerShell)
Microsoft SharePoint Foundation User Code Service Foundation Web or Application No SPUserCodeV4 – Runs under SP Service Account No No
Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Web Application Foundation All Web Servers, Stop on Application Servers No No No
Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Workflow Timer Service Foundation Web No No No
PerformancePoint Service Enterprise Application DB (Performance Point) Yes No  No No Yes
PowerPoint Service Office Web Apps Application Cache No No No No Yes
Search Query and Site Settings Service Standard Application (All Query Servers), Load balances queries across all Query servers  Yes No Yes (Search)
Secure Store Service Standard Application DB (Secure Store) Yes No  Yes No Yes
SharePoint Foundation Help Search Service Foundation On Foundation Farm, Search Server.On Server Farm, Application, Start this Service only on one computer. DB (Help) No SPSearch4 – Runs Under Local Service user No No
SharePoint Server Search Standard Automatically Configured to run on Appropriate Servers in the farm.This Service can’t be started or stopped from the Central Admin.  Search components are provisioned from the Search Admin Page. DB (Search Admin, Crawl, Property) Yes OSearch14 – Runs under SP Service Account Yes No Yes (Search)
State Service Standard Application DB (State) No No  No No Yes (only deployed using PowerShell or FCW)
Usage and Health Data Collection Service Foundation Application DB (WSS_Logging) No No No No Yes (only deployed using PowerShell or FCW)
User Profile Standard Application DB (Profile, Social Tagging, Synchronization) Yes, Requires both farms to be in trusted AD domain. No Yes No Yes
User Profile Synchronization Service Standard Application No No FIMService FIMSynchronizationService Windows Services are provisioned by the User Profile Sync Service. Runs as the Farm Admin account.  ?? No No
Visio Graphic Enterprise Application Blob Cache No No No No Yes
Web Analytics Data Processing Service and Web Analytics Web Service Enterprise Application DB (Reporting, Staging) Yes WebAnalyticsService -Runs under SP Service Account  No No Yes (Web Analytics)
Word Automation Standard Application DB (Word Automation) No No  Yes No Yes
Word Viewing Office Web Apps Application Cache No No No No Yes
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