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What really happens during SharePoint 2010 Solution Deployment/Retraction and Feature Activation/Deactivation Process?

Have you ever wondered what really happens when you deploy/retract SharePoint WSPs and Activate/Deactivate site collection or sub site level features at the farm level? As you execute different PowerShell commands or activate/deactivate features from browser interface, SharePoint 2010 makes … Continue reading

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Code Snippet – Programmatically Create Web Application Managed Paths in SharePoint 2010

While creating site collections, it is fairly common to create site collections at the more user friendly URLs. By default, each web application has two managed paths – Explicitly named single site collection managed path “(root)” which would allow only … Continue reading

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SharePoint 2010 Recycle Bin Capabilities – Do you know how it really works?

Do you really know how 2-stage SharePoint Recycle bin works? If your answer is yes, please beware and ensure you are aware of what’s in this article. Recently one of my clients asked me question regarding how 2-stage SharePoint Recycle … Continue reading

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