How to derive RSS feeds for Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter Profiles

Recently I have been working on the Social Media integration for the one of our Office 365 clients and One of the key tasks was to derive RSS feeds for all their Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter accounts. As many of you may know, RSS Viewer Web Part is not supported in Office 365 at the time of this article is written. I was fortunate to find Rene Modery’s Office 365 RSS Feed web part – to extend and integrate in our Office 365 implementation.

There are hundreds of online resources on how to find RSS feed URLs for Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter but many of them are either hard to find or irrelevant with latest APIs. With this article, I am trying to document steps required for RSS feeds which would work for latest social media APIs.

Troubleshooting – If RSS feeds are not working with Rene Modery’s web part, please verify that social media profiles are public profiles and accessible without logging into the social media sites.

How to derive Facebook RSS Feed URL

Thanks to my colleague Bryan Gulley (@UXJester) for this tip.

RSS URL Format-

How to derive YouTube Feed URL

RSS URL Format–

How to derive Twitter RSS Feed URL

RSS URL Format-

Hope this is helpful. I will definately reference this resource for future engagements.

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