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What’s New in SharePoint Online 2013 Administration and How it Differs from SPO 2010 Version

NOTE: Please note that unless it’s stated, this article provides overview of SharePoint Online 2013 Preview for Office 365 Standard Edition, Enterprise Customers. Most of this information is based on Preview Beta. Office 365 Preview & SharePoint Online 2013 Preview … Continue reading

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How SharePoint Online 2010 to SharePoint Online 2013 Upgrade will work?

Note: This is NOT Official Microsoft word but my observations based on what I have seen in SharePoint Online 2010, SharePoint Online 2013 Preview, and SharePoint 2013 On-Premises Preview bits. As Microsoft have RTMed SharePoint 2013 couple days ago and stated … Continue reading

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Understanding SharePoint 2010 Experience in SharePoint 2013

This is interesting post for me. Many would wonder why you would care about SharePoint 2010 experience in SharePoint 2013. Once I install brand new environment for SharePoint 2013, why would I worry about SharePoint 2010? There are number of … Continue reading

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Step by Step – My First Experience with “Napa” Office 365 Development Tools

This Tagline for NAPA development tools for SharePoint Online 2013 and Office 365 Preview sums up everything what you really want to know about what NAPA is intended for SharePoint Online development – “If you have an Office 365 account, a … Continue reading

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Multifaceted In-depth Comparison of SharePoint 2013 Apps vs Solutions Code Models

Note: This article is written based on SharePoint 2013 Preview. Many of the Apps features compared in this article may have changed and may not be applicable in SharePoint 2013 RTM. With the new Apps deployment model in SharePoint 2013, … Continue reading

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