Speaking on SharePoint 2013 Case Study to build Corporate News Application using Cross Site Publishing at SharePoint Fest Chicago 2013

I am privileged to invited as featured speaker at this year’s SharePoint Fest Chicago on Oct 8th. Slalom Consulting is once again proud to be Platinum Sponsor this year. I will be speaking on one of the most fascinating features of SharePoint 2013 and walk through attendees on how to design Corporate News Application using features like traditional SharePoint Publishing features, Managed Metadata Navigation, Catalog libraries, Cross-Site Publishing, Content By Search Web Part, and Display Templates.

Microsoft has demonstrated new Cross-Site Publishing and SharePoint 2013 web content management features zillion times at SPC12 using Product Centric Commerce Site use case scenario but I am yet to see any SharePoint session delivered to demonstrate these features on traditional collaborative applications like Corporate Intranet. If you are lucky to be one of the attendees of this year’s SharePoint Fest Chicago and SharePoint architect working for large organization building Corporate Intranet, topics covered in this session would be most beneficial to you.


SPFest 2013

PWR 103 – SharePoint 2013 Case Study – Designing Corporate News Application Using SharePoint Web Content Management Platform

Every organization’s leaders or corporate communication team communicates various kinds of internal memos, corporate communications, leadership messages, and company events to the employees. With new SharePoint 2013 cross-site publishing features, I will showcase case study to build no-code corporate News Application using SharePoint 2013 Publishing Infrastructure and Web Content Management technologies and demonstrate how proper information architecture using content types, managed metadata, page layouts, and catalog libraries can provide architectural foundation and walk through detailed step by step guide to build sample corporate News center.

Major features & concepts covered while walking through building Corporate News Center are:

  • SharePoint 2013 Web content management features overview
  • Major differences between SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 Publishing features
  • Preparing the Site Hierarchy – Authoring and Publishing Site Collections
  • Preparing the News Information Architecture – Site Columns, Content Types, Term Sets
  • Preparing the News Article Catalog Libraries – Page Layouts & Pages Libraries
  • Manage Search Schema – Crawled vs. Managed Properties
  • Manage Search Crawl – Continuous vs. Full vs. Incremental Crawls
  • Connecting the News Catalog from Publishing Site Collections – News Category and Item Page
  • Merging News Catalog from Multiple Authoring Site Collections
  • Apply the Look and Feel – Master Pages & Design Manager
  • Content by Search Web Parts
  • Image Renditions & Display Templates

Hoping to see you there!!!!!

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