Nik’s SharePoint Fest 2013 Chicago Session Decks are Available

Thanks for everyone who has made to my session at the SharePoint Fest Chicago 2013. I was really surprised with turnout and full jam packed session. I knew it would interest most of attendees as building News application or Knowledge center in corporate intranets are one of the most common use cases for SharePoint.

I have built three different kind of Corporate News Application in three different versions of SharePoint in last few years – SharePoint 2010, SharePoint Online 2010, and SharePoint 2013 and all of them built with different flavors and requirements. One common need for all environment were decoupled authoring and publishing features.

With SharePoint 2013, new publishing method called “Cross-Site Publishing” has made building Corporate News application easier than ever with decoupled architecture for both authors and end users. As promised, here is my session deck available through Slide Share. Feel free to download and reach out to me if you have any questions.

It was such a great time spent with the SharePoint Community and Slalom team!!!

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