My Sites Infrastructure Planning for SharePoint 2013 On-Premises Farm

It is important to plan My Site Infrastructure for SharePoint 2013 farm and fine tune default setting to ensure SharePoint 2013 supports number of My Sites databases and storage quota for each My Site.

Here are the major areas you must consider while deploying My Site Infrastructure on your SharePoint 2013 On-Premises farm.

My Site Host Site Quota

  • Consider Setting the Quota of My Site Host site. By default, this setting is unlimited. Plan to configure My Site Host Quota to ensure it doesn’t grow out of control.
  • If Site Quota is not enough – Users can’t add a profile picture, post pictures in feeds, provision a personal site etc.
  • Check your My Site Host Usage and Site Quota using SPD, log in with My Site Collection Admin ID –

Number of My Site Databases

  • Check the number of My Site databases at the Central Admin -> Application Management -> Databases -> Manage Content Databases -> My Site Web App
  • Default Maximum Number of Sites created Per Database is 5000.
  • Plan to consider capacity planning for My Site Databases. e.g. If you are rolling out My Site Infrastructure for 50000 users, you must plan for changing the default setting or adding more databases depending upon the size of the database. Plan to ensure database size shouldn’t exceed more than 100 GB as per Microsoft’s content database sizing recommendation.

My Site Personal Site Quota

Max Size of My Site Databases

  • You must ensure you would adhere Microsoft Content database sizing guidelines. My Site databases shouldn’t exceed more than 100 GB.
  • Calculate based on previous two data values => Total Database Space required = Number of My Site Databases * My Site Personal Site quota.
  • Based on previous example, if you are rolling out My Site to 50000 users and each has 1 GB My Site, you would need 50 TB database space. With Microsoft’s content database recommendation of 100 GB, you would need 500 My Site databases. This is why My Site is one of the most compelling reasons to move to the cloud. At the time of writing this article, Microsoft allows 25 GB per My Site in the cloud.

Hopefully these information will provide you enough ammunition to plan My Sites for the on-premises farm and why rolling out My Sites to the cloud is compelling business case.

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