Office 2013 SP1 and SharePoint 2013 SP1 are available with Major Improvements

Microsoft has just announced that they have released Office 2013 SP1 and SharePoint 2013 SP1 and it’s available to download from Microsoft download center.

Here are the most important announcements for SharePoint professionals.

  • SP1 improves compatibility with Windows 8.1, Internet Explorer 11, and Windows Server 2012 R2.
    • SharePoint 2013 RTM and all the PUs and CUs were compatible with Windows 8 and IE 10. With SP1, Microsoft officially announced compatibility with Windows 8.1 as client desktop operating system and IE 11 as browser.
    • SharePoint 2013 RTM with all the PUs and CUs released until January 2014 PU was not supported on the Windows Server 2012 R2. SharePoint 2013 SP1 officially supports SharePoint Server 2012 R2 as server OS.
    • If you are planning to install SharePoint 2013 SP1 on Windows Server 2012 R2, manual slipstreaming is not supported due to package changes in March 2013 PU, instead download directly from your MSDN subscription site.
  • SP1 brings SkyDrive Pro rebranded as OneDrive for Business – This is first major release to support OneDrive for Business in SharePoint 2013 after announcements were made to rebrand SkyDrive Pro to OneDrive for Business.
  • SP1 includes all the Public Updates (PU) and Cumulative Updates (CU) that have been released since SharePoint 2013 RTM, up to the December 2013 CU and January 2014 PU. What this really means is you don’t need to install March 2013 PU as baseline for SharePoint 2013 SP1. You can install SharePoint 2013 SP1 directly on the SharePoint 2013 RTM.
  • Yammer and SharePoint Online OneDrive Hybrid Integration with On-Prem SharePoint environment
    • You can now configure Yammer, SharePoint Online OneDrive, and SharePoint Online Sites link integration with SharePoint 2013 SP1 On-Prem environments from On-Prem central administration site in hybrid scenarios. See Trevor Seward’s blog for more information.
    • Central Administration gets new section called “Office 365” to configure Yammer and OneDrive & Sites links. This will allow On-Prem administrators to redirect users to the SharePoint Online OneDrive and SharePoint Online Sites in hybrid environment. With 25GB support for personal OneDrive space, this may be no brainier for many organizations. In Past, organizations had to write custom code or custom HTTP handlers to intercept On-Prem My Sites calls (intercepting person.aspx) to redirect users to the cloud.
  • SP1 provides new apps for Office capabilities and APIs for third-party developers.
    • With SharePoint 2013 RTM, Task Pane Apps for Office was available only for Word, Excel, and Project clients and Excel web apps. SP1 adds support for Task Pane/Composed Apps in Outlook 2013 client.
    • Similarly, Content App for Office was available only for Excel clients and Excel web app. SP1 adds support for inserting content apps in PowerPoint 2013 client.
    • If you are wondering, third kind of Office App introduced in SharePoint 2013 RTM was Mail App for Office which was supported in outlook 2o13 client and outlook web apps. There are no known updates for Mail Apps in SP1.

Great news all around and just right in time for SPC14.

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  1. What visual differences have you noticed with the SP upgrade for SP 2013?

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