Nik’s SharePoint Saturday Chicago Suburbs 2014 Session Decks are Available

Thanks everyone who has made to my session at the SharePoint Saturday Suburbs Chicago 2014. It was great to see many familiar faces and great interest in learning SharePoint Online and Office 365.

Since 2012, I have been involved in building handful of different SharePoint Online Intranets and each experience has been different. I wanted to share my experience and real world lessons learned and wanted to share with attendees why I really think Office 365 is here to stay and what’s really needed to ramp up their knowledge in 75 minutes.

My approach was to take attendees through the journey from beginning to future state and how to adopt SharePoint Online. Major areas my session focused was:

  • SharePoint Online History
  • Essential cloud benefits – Cost Benefits, Quick Ramp up Time, and IT’s role as Innovation
  • Office 365 Physical and Logical Architecture
  • Office 365 Identity Management
  • Office 365 Licensing
  • Overview of SharePoint Online features and limitations
  • Upcoming Office 365 features announced at SPC14
  • Office 365 on-boarding with Hybrid implementation

I would like to special thanks to following SPC14 session speakers & breakout sessions for their great content. Many of the slides referenced in my presentation were used from following SPC14 session decks. If you haven’t seen any of the SPC14 videos, please check out following at Channel 9 for much more detailed information on Microsoft roadmap and Office 365/SharePoint Online insight.

  • SPC202-Alistair Speirs, Jeff Medford-A behind the scenes look at Office 365 for IT Pros
  • SPC216-Simon Skaria-SharePoint Online-Built for the Enterprise
  • SPC244-Bill Baer-IT Pro audience keynote  SharePoint on-premises, in the cloud, and everything in between
  • SPC245-Kieran Gupta, Kate Dramstad-OneDrive for Business and Mobility- Access your files while on the go from any device or platform
  • SPC251-Mary David, Sarat Subramaniam-Sharing content internally and externally with OneDrive for Business and SharePoint
  • SPC268-Tejas Mehta, Kieran Gupta-What’s new and what’s coming for OneDrive for Business
  • SPC269-Brian Jones, Rob Lefferts-Developer audience keynote  What’s new for the Office & SharePoint developer
  • SPC282-Christophe Fiessinger, Juliet Wei-Microsoft’s roadmap for Enterprise Social
  • SPC286-Vasu Rangaswami-The Ins and Outs of SharePoint Licensing
  • SPC348-Sonya Koptyev, Greg Lindhorst-Update on InfoPath and SharePoint Forms
  • SPC2014-Gerald Ferry, Marc Mroz-Introducing the New Office Video Experience
  • SPC2015-Cem Aykan, Ashok Kuppusamy-Introducing Codename Oslo and the Office Graph
  • SPC3999-Rob Howard-SharePoint Power Hour-New developer APIs and features for Apps for SharePoint

It was great to see usual faces in Chicago Community, clients, and colleagues. Special thanks to SharePoint Saturday Chicago Suburbs team for outstanding event.

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1 Response to Nik’s SharePoint Saturday Chicago Suburbs 2014 Session Decks are Available

  1. Hi Nik,

    Right now in our SharePoint online MySite is not enabled. We want to enable it now. Please let me know how it relates to the change by MS to OneDrive for Business.


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