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Handy SharePoint Designer Workflow Tip – Configure Item Level Permissions

Some of the most common scenarios for SharePoint workflows are email notifications, approval notifications, or scheduled reminders. Recently I have been working in the organization where security is utmost important and one of the most common requests are once item … Continue reading

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Handy SharePoint Designer 2010 Workflow Tip – Get Current Logged In User’s Full Name

One of the reasons why developers and programmers hate no code solutions and SPD is because even trival tasks can be tricky. I have been recently building lots of no-code solutions and came across several different challenges in SharePoint Designer … Continue reading

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Future of InfoPath – SPC14 Notes from Office and SharePoint Forms Roadmap Update

Ever since Microsoft has announced that InfoPath 2013 would be last release for their most popular forms technology, industry and SharePoint community was awaiting for what’s next at Microsoft’s announcements at SPC14. As you have may have noticed from my … Continue reading

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Step by Step – How to Prepare SharePoint 2010 Developer VM for People Search

Recently, I was working on SharePoint 2010 environment and needed  to make Developer VM ready for People Search Customization. Here are the high level steps I had followed to configure People & Expertise Search on my VM. Please note that … Continue reading

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Code Snippet – Programmatically Retrieve Localized SharePoint User Profile Properties Label

Please note this code snippet has been tested on SharePoint 2010 using Visual Studio 2012. It should work fine with SharePoint 2013. If you are working on multi-lingual or support multiple languages in your SharePoint application, there might be at … Continue reading

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