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Code Snippet – Programmatically Retrieve Localized SharePoint User Profile Properties Label

Please note this code snippet has been tested on SharePoint 2010 using Visual Studio 2012. It should work fine with SharePoint 2013. If you are working on multi-lingual or support multiple languages in your SharePoint application, there might be at … Continue reading

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Magical SPUtility Class – A Hidden Jewel for SharePoint Custom Development

I have been using SPUtility ever since I have started building Custom SharePoint Applications but once in a while I come across SPUtility functions to solve problems which I normally either find myself in the corner or scratch my head … Continue reading

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SharePoint March 2013 Public Update, Invalid FormDigest, Client.SVC ProcessQuery 403 Forbidden

Recently I came across interesting error ” _vti_bin/client.svc/ProcessQuery 403 Forbidden” while making CSOM API call during on load of SharePoint 2013 publishing page article in edit mode. Our logic was simple – make CSOM API calls whenever Publishing Page is … Continue reading

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Get Current SharePoint Site Collection and Sub Site URL in Javascript

This is more of like self note article. I have been recently working on JavaScript CSOM and wanted to derive Current Site Collection and Sub Site URLs from the SP.JS objects. For the site collections, it was interesting to see … Continue reading

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SharePoint Site Columns and Site Content Type Customization Best Practices

It’s ever burning question – Should you deploy site columns & site content types using Browser or CAML or .NET Object Model? It feels like every few months or every time I start new custom development project, I ponder on … Continue reading

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